My -Older- Bass fishing Tackle box / bag

August 19, 2012 by  
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*UPDATE* i will be making an well updated version of this video within the next couple days. keep an eye out. Just a Look inside of my personal Tackle bag. I always enjoyed watching other tackle box videos as i started to become a more serious bass fisherman, and figured i should contribute. Also if anyone has any questions about certain lures, and maybe how to use them, or whatever, don`t hesitate to ask. also some other info that may be useful to understanding my choices of tackle. – I don`t usually fish in waters over 25` or so. – The waters are usually stained and weedy – I prefer use of soft plastics (dropS and texas rigged) – Im a college student, so i afford what i can (even with sponsorships from the bass team) thanks for viewing go check out my brother here AWESOME VLOGS!
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