Informative Fisherman – Bank Fishing Tips 1

August 20, 2012 by  
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25 Responses to “Informative Fisherman – Bank Fishing Tips 1”
  1. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    Sounds like your line is twisted up badly. If its the original line that came on the reel, replace it with new. If not, check some of the vids on getting rid of line twist.

  2. OptimisticLifestyle says:

    Great info.

  3. zak ayres says:

    yeah man it sounds like you should try a circle hook. I honestly dont like them, i just like setting the hook but it takes the quess work out of it and some people really benifit from using them.

  4. MikeyCicero says:

    I know. He or she was also assuming that city people dont fish. Thats why i said that.

  5. Carlythedeerslayer says:

    3:56 thats a big cat

  6. gamer700x says:

    He means the dislikes…

  7. MikeyCicero says:

    Im from the city and I love fishing. Pretty good salmon fishing in Chicago at Lake Michigan.

  8. FishinChips87 says:

    What kind of bait box do you use?

  9. MoonBeamMistress says:

    3 people do not like fishin ha city slickers

  10. Kyle201986 says:

    are you using a bait caster or an open cast reel? Im guessing an open cast by the way you said you hold your line. If it is. it most likely happens for 1-2 reasons. you either have way to much line on or to big of line on or both. try putting less on and if that doesn’t stop then i suggest getting a small lb test line to put on it.

  11. halabi97 says:

    3:17 cat stealing rod

  12. Pyromaniac577 says:

    try a smaller hook?

  13. vullrath says:

    I have no clue on how to use the rod without getting a rat nest of fishing line all tangeld up because if there is no tension then line goes everywhere… i had to restring my rod so many times because this reel thing sucks. you flip the bar hold the line with trigger finger and then cast and drop the bar then reel in but so much line goes everywhere that its just a mess… ugh

  14. vullrath says:

    I suck at fishing… fishing off piers in florida around my house… shakespeare alpha rod from wallmart… doa 1/4 shrimp… palomar knot… i get bites but never hook em… :(

  15. olhookersfishing says:

    dude … come on

  16. olhookersfishing says:

    circle hooks are better with slack …

  17. InformativeFisherman says:

    Thanks Jordan.

  18. jhilkyanks says:

    great video man thanks so much for taking the time! added you on facebook

  19. InformativeFisherman says:

    with a short leader yes, long leader no :)

  20. Lookin4fish says:

    if u are using circle hooks shouldnt u have a lot of slack?

  21. InformativeFisherman says:


  22. bigginstonfox75 says:

    great video

  23. InformativeFisherman says:

    Sox was at least 14lbs plus!

  24. nazizombieslayer1000 says:

    i would have fished right there that was a nice cat about 10 lb

  25. InformativeFisherman says:


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